UNITY: VOTE NO to NYS CON CON on November 7th!

A New York State Con Con is a Con

The New York State Constitution guarantees that the benefits of public employees who are currently members in any pension system “shall not be diminished or impaired.” Whether a sanitation worker in Schenectady, a firefighter in Binghamton, a policeman in Riverhead, or an educator in the Bronx, this Would have an impact upon all of us. A Constitutional Convention would present wealthy interests with a rare opportunity to end that guarantee and to slash public pensions.


Public employees could lose union protections as well. This is not simply a UFT issue. This is a public sector Worker issue. The state Constitution safeguards Workers’ rights to join a union and bargain Collectively for a contract. A Constitutional Convention would give anti-union forces a chance to roll back those rights and leave Workers powerless.

UNITY/UFT is doing all it can to fight back against these anti-union, anti-middle class adversaries who seem to have been emboldened by the current political climate.

As UNITY/UFT President Michael Mulgrew stated, “In an off-year election, this ballot question will be decided by a small minority of voters which is why it is imperative that every UFT member vote “NO” and encourage their friends and family to vote the same.” Tell your neighbors and enemies to vote “NO”.

November 7th cannot be a day of infamy in Our state; it is up to us to make sure this does NOT happen. It is up to us to spread the Word. It is up to us to vote NO #Public School Proud.

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