New Battles: GOP Tax Scam, Janus and Parental Leave

More attacks. More fighting.  The UNITY Caucus of the UFT is again leading the charge in multiple battles to protect our members. These clashes are taking place at both the local and national levels.

The GOP Tax Scam

tax-scam-300x2031_11617181The GOP tax plan that was rammed through the Senate literally and figuratively destroys what is left of the American Dream. Raising taxes on the middle class and lowering deductions will ultimately decimate the ranks of civil servants, including teachers, police and firefighters, as well as other middle-class professionals. Funding for public education will be slashed across the nation.  Additionally, this tax plan will increase healthcare costs exponentially.  The Corporations will make more money and the rich will get richer-On Our backs.  

Supreme Court:  Janus v. AFSCME

03_Edit-SupremeCourt-1Our opponents want to take away Our rights and benefits by weakening the union. The Supreme Court will hear Janus v. AFSCME in the coming months in which plaintiff argues that non-members should not be required to pay fair share or agency fees to cover their portion of the costs associated with collective bargaining and union services that benefit all employees in the bargaining unit. UNITY/UFT President Michael Mulgrew stated that “… this Janus case is paid for and brought to us by people who want to destroy unions so your benefits and rights can be taken away. As we brace for this challenge ahead, remember that all of us together are the union.”

Paid Parental Leave


UFT members spend their days nurturing and supporting children, yet the city’s current parental leave policy forces members to choose between their own children and the profession. It’s time that the city grants UiT members the paid parentalleave they deserve. The UFT has been making efforts to negotiate a fair and reasonable paid parental leave policy with the city since 2015.   However we will not allow givebacks or enable the City to make us overpay for this all important policy.

These issues are, without question, among the greatest threats we have ever faced. But, as UNITY/UFT President Michael Mulgrew said, “we are a strong union because of our membership. Our enemies want to take our job security, tenure, preparation periods, maximum teaching loads, premium-free healthcare and much more away from us. We cannot and will not let this happen. Now more than ever, We must stand together and take care of each other.”

Standing together and taking care of each other-this is what it means to be in a union. This is What the UFT represents. This is the goal members of Unity fight for every day.