Janus: Standing Together


In approximately six weeks, On February 26th, the Supreme Court will hear the now infamous Janus vs AFSCME case that will, in all likelihood, have major implications for public sector unions across the country including the UFT. Our opponents brought this case to the Supreme Court because they are trying to defeat us through the Court System as every other attempt has failed. They want to take away our rights and benefits, and will argue that nonmembers should not be required to pay their fair share or agency fees to cover their portion of the costs associated with collective bargaining and union services that benefit all employees in the bargaining unit.

Emphasizing the benefits of union membership, being “union proud”, door knocking, organizing, advocating for our members, and working with other labor unions and politicians across our state are but a few of the ways UNITY/UFT is preparing for an adverse ruling in the Janus case.

Michael Mulgrew, UNITY/UFT President summed it up best when he said that “. . . as we brace for this challenge ahead, remember that all of us together are the union; because we have stuck together, we have pensions, employer-paid health insurance, job security, due-process rights, a grievance process and a voice in how our schools are run.”

Unfortunately, if people want a “free ride”, we will without question nor hesitation lose most, if not all, of these benefits.

Standing together and taking care of each other- this is what it means to be in a union. This is what the UFT represents. This is the standard that UNITY/UFT strives for in every battle that we wage.

Rest assured, even with a Janus loss, UNITY/UFT will live to fight another day.

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