UNITY/UFT Did It! We Did It! A New Contract Approved By 87% of our Members

Members spoke. We listened. The UNITY/UFT caucus has been the foundation of our union for over 60 years and we proudly bear the responsibility for being the majority voice. UNITY/UFT listened to the concerns of membership, involved them through every part of the negotiation process and fought for a contract that provides us with VOICE, SUPPORT, RESPECT and true EMPOWERMENT.

UNITY/UFT President Michael Mulgrew summed it up best when announcing the contract had been ratified. “I want to thank the members of the UFT for their resounding support of this contract. The new agreement gives teachers a larger voice in how their schools are run, and shows what we can accomplish when we stand together.” To emphasize that statement, we can accomplish anything in UNITY.


Pay Increases That Reward the Efforts of Our Members:

  • Year 1: 2.0% (February 14, 2019)
  • Year 2: 2.5% (May 14, 2020)
  • Year 3: 3.0% (May 14, 2021)

This is in addition to the two lump sum payments that will be received in October 2019 and 2020.

New Due Process Rights for Paraprofessionals

New and Improved Rights at the School Level/Workplace for all UFT represented DOE titles

In order to address safety concerns, lack of curriculum, professional development, basic instructional supplies, workload and physical space we negotiated the following:

  • Enhanced authority for consultation committees  
  • Expedited dispute resolution process
  • Additional voice for all members
  • New District Operational Committee
  • New Citywide Operational Committee

Progress Toward A Sensible Teacher Evaluation System

  • Prompt feedback
  • A decrease in the number of observations
  • Joint UFT/DOE training

Focus on Safety

  • Increased access to OORS information
  • Greater input and transparency with regard to the safety committee

Quicker Class Size Grievance Process

Contractual Language on Retaliation

  • If you see something, say something without having to worry about harassment, intimidation, retaliation and discrimination

New and Expanded Teacher Leadership Roles

  • Teacher Team Leader and Teacher Development Facilitator

New and Enhanced Recruitment & Retention Efforts for Hard-to Staff Schools

  • Equal UFT/DOE voice at the school level and salary differentials for eligible schools/titles

New Way to Attain Differentials – A+ Credits

  • More options, more freedom
  • Relevant credits based on YOUR needs

UNITY/UFT understands that it is and has always been about doing the absolute best for our members.

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