UFT/UNITY: Making It Happen

cropped-unity-moving-forward-together-large-transparent.pngFor over 60 years UNITY/UFT has been the proud majority voice of our union. UNITY/UFT tirelessly fights for UFT members, improving working conditions for the betterment of our schools and securing the economic benefits our members deserve.


Because of UNITY/UFT’s persistence, our members now are receiving the fourth of five lump-sum payments for increases not received in 2009 and 2010 when, nearing the end of his mayoralty, former Mayor Bloomberg refused to give raises to UFT members. It was a different story during contract negotiations with Mayor DeBlasio in 2014. UNITY/UFT members negotiated a contract that not only ensured UFT members were made whole by 2020 for what Bloomberg had refused to pay, but also provided salary increases totaling 18 percent by the end of the contract.

This is in addition to the 2.5 % raise we will receive in May 2020 because of the current
contract UNITY/UFT members negotiated with the DOE in 2018!


Class size has been a concern for many of our members and, as a result, during our 2018 contract negotiations, UNITY/UFT negotiated an expedited class size resolution process. The results have been overwhelming. Simply compare this school year to last:

Oversized Classes

  • Day 10 2018: Approximately 400 schools with oversized classes
  • Day 10 2019: Approximately 350 schools with oversized classes
  • As of 10/15/19 that number was down to 81

Out of Compliance Schools

  • School year 2018-19: 113 chronically out of compliance schools
  • School year 2019-20: so far, 51 of these schools are in compliance

These are, by far, the lowest numbers of any year in recent memory. And it is all a result of UNITY/UFT’s hard work and dedication.

UNITY/UFT President Michael Mulgrew always reminds us “. . . it is about always doing
the absolute best for our members both inside and outside of the workplace . . . and
we will always fight to make that happen.”