We’re Not Finished! Census 2020 / Next Generation Standards

It has been one year since we ratified the UNITY/UFT negotiated contract that provides us with new and improved rights at the school level/workplace for all UFT represented DOE titles.  We listened to our members concerns and addressed safety, lack of curriculum, professional development, basic instructional supplies, workload and issues around physical space.

However, UNITY/UFT is NOT finished. We are now confronting the issue of curriculum
alignment to the new standards (NextGen). We are working to ensure that EVERY school in the city has an appropriate curriculum to match with these new standards and that each and every one of our members is given professional development on these standards. UNITY/UFT knows that if our students and schools succeed, then WE win. Unfortunately, these days, too many people want to see us fail. We cannot and will not let that happen. As UNITY/UFT President Michael Mulgrew said, “we need to have the appropriate curriculum in our schools and be given the proper professional development . . . we work with students every day and know better than anyone what works and doesn’t work in the classroom.”

Whats At Stake Pledge Card 3On a very different note, UNITY/UFT has pledged to raise awareness and encourage participation in the 2020 census. It will literally and figuratively be our rallying cry as we head into 2020. NY historically has had a low response rate and, as a result, our city has lost BILLIONS of dollars of federal monies. UNITY/UFT President Mulgrew recently stated that “We cannot keep subsidizing the rest of the country while continuously losing tens of  billions of dollars each year. We can and must change this . . . it is our job as educators to teach everyone about the importance of being counted.”

Everybody counts!

UNITY/UFT: Not on Our Watch!

The UNITY/UFT caucus has been the foundation of our union for over 60 years, and we proudly bear the responsibility for being the majority voice. UNITY/UFT never stops advocating and fighting for our members, improving our working conditions for the betterment of our schools and students.  This is exemplified by our current contract which, one year in, has demonstrated its value by enabling VOICE, SUPPORT, RESPECT and true EMPOWERMENT.

As you know, under the leadership of UNITY/UFT President Michael Mulgrew, we have negotiated many tools to assist us in our roles as educators. Among them are school-based professional development committees, standards for paperwork reduction that eliminate duplicative and unnecessary paperwork (both written and electronic), and, for the first time, a requirement that the DOE provide curriculum to teachers of core subjects. Unfortunately, the DOE has again managed to “muddy the waters” when it comes to these three collectively bargained items.

The Instructional Leadership Framework, or ILF, is a DOE initiative that integrates NYS Standards (“Next Gen”), Culturally Responsive Education, and Advanced Literacy. While we agree with this initiative in concept, we do not agree with the implementation. Our teachers should be exposed to these new standards, as next year our students and our school system will be judged on them.  Writing curriculum, bypassing the PD Committee and creating paperwork for the sake of creating paper and work are our new but old fights. How does this help our members, our students, and our schools?

UNITY/UFT President Mulgrew has made it clear that if the DOE can’t or won’t help our students prepare for the Next Generation Standards, then we must do it alone; if the DOE will allow it to fall on the backs of our members, then we must stand firm and demand the support our schools and teachers need. As ridiculous as it sounds, if our employer cannot do this work, then we must lead the charge to help our school system succeed. We have too many enemies waiting and hoping for us to fail in the ever important role of educating our students.

UNITY/UFT believes that failure is not an option. As President Mulgrew stated “. . . if we are challenged with the tasks of working towards a successful school system and ensuring that the DOE does their due diligence in supporting our schools, then we will wholeheartedly rise to that challenge.”

THIS FRIDAY: Coquito Fundraiser to Support Refugee Families at the Border

Come out this Friday November 1st at 4:30 to the UFT Bronx Borough Office for the AFT-Latino Caucus’ Coquito Fundraiser and Challenge!

Your donations to the UFT Disaster Relief Fund will support the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley as they work to provide humanitarian relief to refugee families at the border.

Register Here https://tinyurl.com/CoquitoFR

And if you think you make the best Coquito in town, join the Coquito Challenge.  Sign up here: https://aftlatinocaucus.wufoo.com/forms/coquito-challenge/


Coquito Fundraiser Flyer

Coquito Challenge

UFT/UNITY: Making It Happen

cropped-unity-moving-forward-together-large-transparent.pngFor over 60 years UNITY/UFT has been the proud majority voice of our union. UNITY/UFT tirelessly fights for UFT members, improving working conditions for the betterment of our schools and securing the economic benefits our members deserve.


Because of UNITY/UFT’s persistence, our members now are receiving the fourth of five lump-sum payments for increases not received in 2009 and 2010 when, nearing the end of his mayoralty, former Mayor Bloomberg refused to give raises to UFT members. It was a different story during contract negotiations with Mayor DeBlasio in 2014. UNITY/UFT members negotiated a contract that not only ensured UFT members were made whole by 2020 for what Bloomberg had refused to pay, but also provided salary increases totaling 18 percent by the end of the contract.

This is in addition to the 2.5 % raise we will receive in May 2020 because of the current
contract UNITY/UFT members negotiated with the DOE in 2018!


Class size has been a concern for many of our members and, as a result, during our 2018 contract negotiations, UNITY/UFT negotiated an expedited class size resolution process. The results have been overwhelming. Simply compare this school year to last:

Oversized Classes

  • Day 10 2018: Approximately 400 schools with oversized classes
  • Day 10 2019: Approximately 350 schools with oversized classes
  • As of 10/15/19 that number was down to 81

Out of Compliance Schools

  • School year 2018-19: 113 chronically out of compliance schools
  • School year 2019-20: so far, 51 of these schools are in compliance

These are, by far, the lowest numbers of any year in recent memory. And it is all a result of UNITY/UFT’s hard work and dedication.

UNITY/UFT President Michael Mulgrew always reminds us “. . . it is about always doing
the absolute best for our members both inside and outside of the workplace . . . and
we will always fight to make that happen.”

Donate to the 7th Annual UFT Middle School Coat Drive

Unity Caucus encourages all UFT members to support the 7th Annual UFT Middle School Coat Drive and help ensure that our students have access to warm winter clothing.

Donate NEW with tags: coats, hats, scarves, sweaters, mittens and other winter accessories to support NYC public school students living in temporary housing.


Donations may be:

  • Brought to the UFT Delegate Assembly in October and November

  • Brought to any UFT borough office

  • Mailed or brought to the UFT Middle Schools Division located at 52 Broadway, 14th Floor NY, NY 10004


Help Refugee Families at the Border

Join the work of Unity Caucus by putting our values into action.

We are providing everyone the opportunity to support refugee families at the Border by donating to The Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen, Texas where they are provided with warm meals, showers, medicine and other supplies.

Your donation to the UFT Disaster Relief Fund will support the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley as they work to provide humanitarian relief to refugee families at the Border.

Please use the link below to donate:


Print and share the flyer with your school community and any community based organizations.

Link to Download Flyer: Help_Refugee_Families_at_the_Border


UNITY/UFT Did It! We Did It! A New Contract Approved By 87% of our Members

Members spoke. We listened. The UNITY/UFT caucus has been the foundation of our union for over 60 years and we proudly bear the responsibility for being the majority voice. UNITY/UFT listened to the concerns of membership, involved them through every part of the negotiation process and fought for a contract that provides us with VOICE, SUPPORT, RESPECT and true EMPOWERMENT.

UNITY/UFT President Michael Mulgrew summed it up best when announcing the contract had been ratified. “I want to thank the members of the UFT for their resounding support of this contract. The new agreement gives teachers a larger voice in how their schools are run, and shows what we can accomplish when we stand together.” To emphasize that statement, we can accomplish anything in UNITY.


Pay Increases That Reward the Efforts of Our Members:

  • Year 1: 2.0% (February 14, 2019)
  • Year 2: 2.5% (May 14, 2020)
  • Year 3: 3.0% (May 14, 2021)

This is in addition to the two lump sum payments that will be received in October 2019 and 2020.

New Due Process Rights for Paraprofessionals

New and Improved Rights at the School Level/Workplace for all UFT represented DOE titles

In order to address safety concerns, lack of curriculum, professional development, basic instructional supplies, workload and physical space we negotiated the following:

  • Enhanced authority for consultation committees  
  • Expedited dispute resolution process
  • Additional voice for all members
  • New District Operational Committee
  • New Citywide Operational Committee

Progress Toward A Sensible Teacher Evaluation System

  • Prompt feedback
  • A decrease in the number of observations
  • Joint UFT/DOE training

Focus on Safety

  • Increased access to OORS information
  • Greater input and transparency with regard to the safety committee

Quicker Class Size Grievance Process

Contractual Language on Retaliation

  • If you see something, say something without having to worry about harassment, intimidation, retaliation and discrimination

New and Expanded Teacher Leadership Roles

  • Teacher Team Leader and Teacher Development Facilitator

New and Enhanced Recruitment & Retention Efforts for Hard-to Staff Schools

  • Equal UFT/DOE voice at the school level and salary differentials for eligible schools/titles

New Way to Attain Differentials – A+ Credits

  • More options, more freedom
  • Relevant credits based on YOUR needs

UNITY/UFT understands that it is and has always been about doing the absolute best for our members.