Unity Caucus Officers

LeRoy Barr, Chairperson

Evelyn DeJesus, Executive Vice-President, Educational Issues

James Vasquez, Secretary

Dolores Lozupone, Financial Secretary

David Kazansky, Membership Secretary


Implement a teacher evaluation matrix that resulted in 96% of NYC teachers rated Effective and Highly Effective

Use the grievance and arbitration system to achieve $33 million in SESIS compensation

Win major increases in City Council funding for Teacher’s Choice for all existing titles including first time recipients OTs, PTs and school nurses.

Create a new reporting system which led to 93% of paperwork reduction complaints being resolved at the school level in 2016-2017

Fight for reductions in class size and obtain increases in city and state funding for education

Ensure teacher voice on Governor Cuomo’s Common Core Task Force, resulting in a fundamental reset of education policy in New York State

Defend public education by opposing charter school growth and private school vouchers

Take a stand to protect and defend our DREAMers by opposing the decision to end DACA